Pittsburgh Aviary – Pittsburgh, PA

Our string trio played for the outdoor ceremony at the Aviary on a very, very hot day during the summer of 2016. It was close to 96 degrees! The staff was very kind and helpful to us, we were able to keep our instruments inside the air-conditioned building until the very start of the wedding ceremony.  In fact, one of the leading musicians came early and a gentleman who had a van with the wedding flowers, kindly offered to keep her instrument in the van… A short time later, he himself took it into the building. The only downside – we don’t seem to remember the flower company with which he was affiliated, so we have no way of thanking him! 🙂


Sewickley Country Club- Sewickley, PA

Category: Venue Reviews

Our string quartet played here in September of 2016 for a wedding reception, hosted by a wonderful family.  We loved the setting in which we played, and the staff was wonderful.. with the exception of a staff member at the front desk. One of the musicians tried to initiated a “small talk” conversations while waiting for the other musicians to arrive but the desk clerk did not appear to be friendly, was very cold and uninterested in human interaction… but the people we played for loved us and we received many positive comments on the music we played!