Hiring a solo musician

From our web site, it is very clear that our musicians mostly perform in groups of two, three and four players.  However, once in a while we send a solo musician. Most often it is for a very small wedding.  Last time we had a violinist perform at a wedding with a total of fifteen people.  Does is sound good? There is really no “correct” answer to that question.  It depends on your taste.  In this case, the bride herself was a classical musician and knew what to expect. For such occasion, there is also an option of playing along with a CD, which although not done often, does help with an overall sound and gives a better impression to the guests. It does not take a big effort to do so – all you need is a small CD player and an outlet.  The only issue is the limited repertoire for a single instrument with a CD accompaniment.  However, most of the standard wedding classical music IS available with a CD, and we can provide that with no problem. 

The fear of future…

I have brought up this topic before. However, it keeps coming up as the most asked question by our clients regarding our musicians: “If I hire your musicians, how do I know if they are going to play well? What if  my guests and myself will not like the musicWhat if musicians are not on time for my wedding?  What if I don’t like the combination of instruments that the musicians will play? At this point, I can only respond with this:

What if an asteroid hits the site of your wedding ceremony two minutes before it is about to start?

What  if someone eats the bridal cake before it gets delivered, or if it gets dropped?

What if a bride or a groom gets cold feet a day before the wedding? ( That had happened to our musicians, we still got paid!)

What if the flowers you ordered will come in not fresh but wilted and withered, and not even the ones you ordered?

What  if the bride spills wine on her dress an hour before the ceremony?

What if a photographer drops his camera and all your wedding memories are lost because he did not bring a back up one?

What if a groom gets abducted by an alien on the way to the ceremony?

What if a groom has a heart attack in the middle of the ceremony? ( That also happened while our musicians were playing the processional)

What if a bride gets in a car wreck on the day of the wedding ( We also dealt with that situation, moving the wedding to a different day)

What if a best man gets lost on the way to the wedding ceremony and arrives an hour  late ? (We saw that, too)

What if you decide two weeks after the wedding that the person you married is not right for you?

Please try to remember the old cliche: “IF” is the middle word in LIFE…. 

I don’t have the answers, nor does anyone else. The human race only plan ahead with good intentions and hopes in mind, quite often taking fearsome steps in life  Same goes for our wedding musicians and any other business owner. Life is a risk. Getting married is a risk. Living a risk. Let us all try to enjoy it while we can and do our best to open our hearts and minds to each other. In the process, I promise to play the best music we can, and if you don’t like it – there is always the wedding cake!