Performing outdoors

Many wedding musicians are hired to play for outdoor weddings. The obvious unpredictable factor is the weather. In our contract it states that musicians will not perform  in the weather “under 60 or above 90 degrees”.  Not so long ago, our string quartet musicians were hired for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Fox Chapel, followed by a two-hour dinner to be held outdoors as well.  During the ceremony the weather held up, staying in the mid-sixties, although very windy. By the time dinner started – the temperature had dropped to low fifties, with gusty winds. The musicians had overhead protection which did little for wind protection. Usually, in this case the musicians will leave, following the clause in the contract. However, the client was very understanding and accommodated the musicians with two portable heaters, and a wide wooden panel that when put up, protected us from the wind. In this situation, we were able to stay and continue playing dinner music – it turned out to be very nice event! That shows that there are exceptions to the rule and musicians can be flexible towards changes. With the team effort the issue was resolved without having to adhere to contract.