St. Boniface Church, Pittsburgh, PA

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On of the most beautiful places I have played yet. It was a solo violin/viola job with the organist, who was the nicest gentleman and a great musician. We were situated in the loft  above, with a perfect view of the wedding ceremony which makes for an easy transition and flow of music during the ceremony.

St. Ferdinand Church, Cranberry, PA

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A very convenient location to get to, with plenty of parking and good acoustical qualities for string instruments.  The church is very strict on the wedding music allowed to be played by the hired wedding musicians. 



Wedding music in churches

This is mostly a warning for brides for times when they are in the process of choosing wedding music to be played at a church. Many churches, especially catholic, are still very strict on the allowed music to be performed at the weddings. Side note: I think that is one of the main reasons why many couples choose NOT to have their wedding at a church, but rather at a non -religious venue, where they have freedom on their wedding music choices.   As it happens, a few weeks ago, our wedding musicians played at a church in Pittsburgh, where the bride had requested  “Over the Rainbow” to be played during the prelude, not for the ceremony.  Our musicians were rudely  reprimanded by the music director and the priest of that church for playing that piece. Apparently, the mistake laid on the music director’s part who failed to double check bride’s music selections, since it is music director’s responsibility to approve the appropriate music at that church. Musicians simply got caught between the two parties, the bride and the music director.  Bottom line – it is always a good idea for brides to approve the final wedding music list with the church’s staff before the musicians play it. In my opinion, the bride should have a lot of freedom for that special day in her life, and be able to play the music that means something to her and her fiance, but that is a different subject.  

Sheraton Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA

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This hotel provides plenty of different halls and conference rooms for musicians and weddings.  Parking might be tricky at times, especially if several events are going on at the same time at the hotel.  The garage is big but could be full at times. Overall, the staff is attentive, but again, if there are several weddings are going on at the same time – it could be challenging for musicians to get someone’s attention even for such a simple things as getting chairs.