Hartwood Acres Mansion – Pittsburgh, PA

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One of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh for a wedding ceremony! Easy to get to, very peaceful and romantic. Our string trio of a violinist, violist and a cellist performed here for an outdoor ceremony on a very hot August afternoon.  It was a gorgeous set up next to the garden by the mansion.  There was not a wedding coordinator to help the musicians with the set up, but the groom himself was so helpful and thoughtful! He made sure the chairs for the musicians were out of the sun, was very pleasant and cheerful! Even some of the guests tried to fan the musicians to keep us cool, and we had a groundhog that showed up right in the middle of the wedding ceremony, probably a good luck sign for the couple! 🙂

Hartwood Acres

Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve -Saxonburg PA

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A beautiful and a peaceful place to have a wedding, a paradise not far from Pittsburgh.  A wedding coordinator Amanda was very helpful when a violinist got lost on the way to this place. She was also very good and efficient at taking care of other details that musicians have requested. Amanda was the one to call the violinist a few days before the wedding ceremony, asking if anything special was needed for musicians. Exceptional service by her!