Lingrow Farm, Leechburg PA

Category: Venue Reviews

This place speaks a lot about the unique topography of Pittsburgh, the topic that the musicians discussed after arriving here. On the map (and according to directions), it seemed as this place was far away from Pittsburgh. In reality, it took each one of the quartet players less than an hour to get here.

It ended up being a very adventurous wedding for the musicians. It was raining all day long, with ominous clouds and thunderstorms. The wedding ceremony was planned to be held outside by the pond and the gazebo behind the main building. The bride was supposed to arrive at the site of the ceremony in a carriage. Until the very last minute we, the musicians, and the wedding coordinator had no idea if the weather was going to cooperate or not. Ten minutes prior to the ceremony it down poured.  It looked pretty much as if everything was going to be moved indoors. Last minute however, the bride made a decision to go for it, and to have the ceremony outdoors. How often, after all, do you get to ride in a carriage in a beautiful nature setting on your special day? During the procession of the carriage and the bride to the site of the ceremony, the musicians were playing “Bless the Broken Road” and the skies looked black with a misty rain falling.  Then the most awesome thing happened. As soon as the bride stepped off the carriage and started walking toward the groom – the sun came out instantly! It was pretty amazing to see! The sun was out just long enough to finish the wedding ceremony and as musicians were packing to leave – it started raining again.

The wedding coordinator was also an amazing person! She was on the phone with a bride several times prior to the ceremony, ready to do whatever needed to be done, whatever changes had to take place. She was very efficient, pleasant and had a positive attitude no matter what! It makes it so easy to work with people like her in the wedding business.

Lingrow Farm