Allegheny County Courthouse, Pittsburgh PA

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Our string trio performed here at a wedding in December of 2017. Since it is a government building, we had to go through the security check with our instruments. The place had  an amazing acoustics. The only downside – it was very, very cold on the inside.

The Priory Hotel – Pittsburgh, PA

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A unique place situated on a North Side of Pittsburgh. Our string quartet performed here for a Halloween event, which was very refreshing – something different from weddings and cocktails. The people were very nice and helpful to us, with parking and handling the details for the performance.

Gateway Clipper – Pittsburgh, PA

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A fantastic location for a romantic wedding ceremony in Pittsburgh. Our violinist and a cellist performed on a Gateway Clipper on a beautiful night with an amazing view of Pittsburgh. As the boat was pulling away from a dock, one of us got a little bit sea sick, which prompted one  of the wedding guests to come up to us, saying “just keep playing, like on Titanic!”. 🙂

IMG_20170915_184636480 IMG_20170915_181612727

Sewickley Country Club- Sewickley, PA

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Our string quartet played here in September of 2016 for a wedding reception, hosted by a wonderful family.  We loved the setting in which we played, and the staff was wonderful.. with the exception of a staff member at the front desk. One of the musicians tried to initiated a “small talk” conversations while waiting for the other musicians to arrive but the desk clerk did not appear to be friendly, was very cold and uninterested in human interaction… but the people we played for loved us and we received many positive comments on the music we played!


Pittsburgh Athletic Club – Pittsburgh, PA

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Conveniently situated in Oakland area of Pittsburgh, this is a very upscale for venues, where our musicians have performed numerous times for wedding ceremonies.  With private parking, wonderful and very attentive staff, it is always a pleasure to play here.


Hartwood Acres Mansion – Pittsburgh, PA

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One of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh for a wedding ceremony! Easy to get to, very peaceful and romantic. Our string trio of a violinist, violist and a cellist performed here for an outdoor ceremony on a very hot August afternoon.  It was a gorgeous set up next to the garden by the mansion.  There was not a wedding coordinator to help the musicians with the set up, but the groom himself was so helpful and thoughtful! He made sure the chairs for the musicians were out of the sun, was very pleasant and cheerful! Even some of the guests tried to fan the musicians to keep us cool, and we had a groundhog that showed up right in the middle of the wedding ceremony, probably a good luck sign for the couple! 🙂

Hartwood Acres

Armstrong Farms Westminster Preserve -Saxonburg PA

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A beautiful and a peaceful place to have a wedding, a paradise not far from Pittsburgh.  A wedding coordinator Amanda was very helpful when a violinist got lost on the way to this place. She was also very good and efficient at taking care of other details that musicians have requested. Amanda was the one to call the violinist a few days before the wedding ceremony, asking if anything special was needed for musicians. Exceptional service by her!


Lingrow Farm, Leechburg PA

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This place speaks a lot about the unique topography of Pittsburgh, the topic that the musicians discussed after arriving here. On the map (and according to directions), it seemed as this place was far away from Pittsburgh. In reality, it took each one of the quartet players less than an hour to get here.

It ended up being a very adventurous wedding for the musicians. It was raining all day long, with ominous clouds and thunderstorms. The wedding ceremony was planned to be held outside by the pond and the gazebo behind the main building. The bride was supposed to arrive at the site of the ceremony in a carriage. Until the very last minute we, the musicians, and the wedding coordinator had no idea if the weather was going to cooperate or not. Ten minutes prior to the ceremony it down poured.  It looked pretty much as if everything was going to be moved indoors. Last minute however, the bride made a decision to go for it, and to have the ceremony outdoors. How often, after all, do you get to ride in a carriage in a beautiful nature setting on your special day? During the procession of the carriage and the bride to the site of the ceremony, the musicians were playing “Bless the Broken Road” and the skies looked black with a misty rain falling.  Then the most awesome thing happened. As soon as the bride stepped off the carriage and started walking toward the groom – the sun came out instantly! It was pretty amazing to see! The sun was out just long enough to finish the wedding ceremony and as musicians were packing to leave – it started raining again.

The wedding coordinator was also an amazing person! She was on the phone with a bride several times prior to the ceremony, ready to do whatever needed to be done, whatever changes had to take place. She was very efficient, pleasant and had a positive attitude no matter what! It makes it so easy to work with people like her in the wedding business.

Lingrow Farm

United Methodist Church – Homer City, PA

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This place is a bit of a drive for musicians, about an hour and a half from Pittsburgh. The church has beautiful artwork on the inside, we played here on the Memorial Day weekend for a wedding ceremony. The families were very nice to us, but it seemed a bit odd that the person administering the ceremony never said a word to musicians, not even a hello..


South Hills Village Mall – Pittsburgh, PA

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Our musicians have performed here for several Christmas concerts, entertaining shoppers as they were getting ready for the holidays.  It was a wonderful, friendly atmosphere, and we even were able to find parking during the busy shopping season!


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