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The neat thing about being a musician is the diversity that comes with being one.  One day you are playing with a symphony orchestra, the next – performing for a wedding in a string quartet, and for most of us – we teach private lessons several days a week. I think that last fact is what makes us happy when we see children involved in classical music. The young flute player in the photo below is a family member that was playing along with our string quartet during a wedding ceremony in Pittsburgh.  Quite often, when musicians hear that a family member will be playing with them – musicians cringe and expect a complete disaster sound wise, depending on how good of a musician that family member is.  In this case, however, the girl did an amazing job! She had requested the needed wedding music from us months in advance, and it was a flawless performance on her part! It also helped that our musicians were very supportive of her beforehand, instantly transporting themselves into “teaching mode”. We are always happy to see kids perform and will help them in any way we can!

The flute player

Double Tree Hotel – Greentree, PA

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It is a conveniently situated hotel, in the very busy area of Pittsburgh.  The only issue we had is trying to call the hotel front desk : the musicians needed to know in which ballroom the wedding was taking place. It was very hard to get through the automated system and get a hold of a human being – the phone call was transferred out of state! No one was answering the phone at the front desk, and then the phone was transferred to the corporate office out of state. It was a twenty minutes ordeal for musicians to find out an answer to a simple question…

Greentree hotel