Brides and Wedding Vendors

I have been reading numerous articles lately related to wedding ceremonies, especially emphasizing the relationship between brides and their wedding vendors.  I even came across one story where a bride was very displeased with the ceremony musicians that she hired.  One of the main comments from all brides is that “…everyone assumes that we know exactly what we want, as we have been planning our dream wedding since we were five years old…”. 

I see their point. Many vendors quite often assume that brides have it all figured out and just want to hand over their money to a vendor to get whatever it is they “figured out”.  I have to say I am glad I work with our clients, especially brides under a completely opposite assumption: a bride wants to have ceremony music for her wedding.  Usually a bride has no idea how many musicians she wants, she likes some music in our wedding repertoire, but  not sure which ones would suit her wedding ceremony the best; she might not know the difference between a string quartet and a string trio.  I really feel that my job as a professional wedding musician is to explain everything in as many details as needed to a bride, then give her time to process all the information. After that, make my suggestions on ceremony music, music for the prelude and postlude, and any relevant advice pertaining to wedding music.  

I used to think that in our “internet-oriented’” society I do not need to be so involved and detailed with brides.  After all, they can find and listen to any wedding song on the web.  However, it is a very different feeling when instead of trusting a computer screen to decide on your wedding music, you get a chance to discuss it at length with a wedding professional. 

In the enormous world of wedding industry I think it is pretty hard to be a bride and I do whatever I can to diminish the stress that brides go through in their preparations for the big day.  I will spend as much time as needed with every bride discussing their wedding music, their song choices and any music related topic.  It is my job to which I am dedicated and it is their big celebration and i truly want it to be memorable for each and every one of my clients! 

Christmas Eve. service

Category: Music and Life
Christmas season is one of the busiest time for musicians in Pittsburgh.  For past several years I have been a part of several Christmas services that take place at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sewickley, Pa, a small historical town north of Pittsburgh.  The church music director hires musicians from Pittsburgh to form a chamber orchestra including violins, violas, cellos,bass, flute,clarinet and trumpet, and we perform along with the church choir.  We usually play at two evening services on Christmas Eve. with about thirty minutes of music program prior to each service.  In between the services musicians have time for a break and also for food that church and choir members so graciously provide for us!  It is one of those jobs that never quite feels like a job but more like an annual fun event, where we see the same group of musicians and friends in both, choir and orchestra.  Since I was part of the orchestra, I had no way of taking photos of us playing, but during the break I took a couple of photos of Christmas decorations at the church. It is a wonderful place with very friendly people full of energy, smiles and warm hearts. Thank you to all of you for having us play at your church for all these years!