Prelude Music to Ceremony Music Transition

This is mostly for brides and families that are hiring our musicians for weddings.  Once the music is selected and pieces to be played for the wedding ceremony are solidified, we are all set to go.  The only other thing that we need to know is when to stop playing the prelude music and when to start the first piece for the ceremony, usually the piece for the seating of the parents or grandparents.  We do need a cue from someone who will be familiar with the flow of the ceremony, such as a wedding coordinator. That person could give us a nod from a distance (we do watch for those even while we play), or simply come up to us and tell us to stop the prelude and begin the ceremony music.  Even though we are usually told the specific time for the start of the ceremony – it almost never works out exactly on time.  We don’t like to take the risk of staring the first requested piece at, for example, 5:30 and the parents for whatever reason are not being seated yet.  Once we have a cue – we know what to play, and after that everything flows accordingly, with the entrance of the bridal party, then the bride, or any order that was established.  Sometimes, however, there is no such person as wedding coordinator who can give us the cue for the start of the ceremony.  In that case, the solution might be to use the entrance of the groomsmen or of the person administering the ceremony as a cue.  Once we see them – we quietly fade away the last piece of the prelude, wait until they are present and then start the first piece for the ceremony itself.  Basically, a cue is needed for the musicians to let them know that prelude is over and ceremony is about to begin.