Musicians for funerals

Although weddings are the most common event that our Pittsburgh musicans perform at, several time a year we are asked for violin players to play at funerals, usually at funeral homes during viewings for families and friends. 
   The most common questions here is “how many musicians should be playing for such an event?”.  Obviously, money is the first factor.  Aside from the budget – most often we would suggest either a solo violin player, or possibly two musicians, violinist and a violist, or two violin players.  Very rare would you need more than two musicians.  It is an atmosphere for soft, somber music that should not be the “center piece” of attention.  People usually converse quietly at funeral homes and it might even be viewed disrespectful to play loud.  As far as music selections – just like for wedding ceremonies and other occasions our musicians have a repertoire that would be appropriate for funerals.  We have music from religious repertoire; quite often the musicians would plays a song or a piece of music that was a favorite of the deceased at the family’s request.