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This a duo of a violist and a cellist playing at the Uniontown Country Club.

Uniontown Country Club

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An easy drive for our wedding musicians from Pittsburgh, this country club is situated in a secluded area with a scenic view.  The staff was very  helpful in making adjustments for the musicians: tables and chairs had to be moved around to fit them in.  It was a very pleasant atmosphere, conducive to classical music being performed.

uniontown cc

On wings of wind

There is yet another nemesis that occasionally makes musicians’ job a battle – wind.  Most commonly, it applies to wedding musicians performing for outdoor weddings.  The way musicians look at it – we would prefer rain to wind.  At least with a rain there is a clear solution – run indoors: most brides have a back-up indoor venue where the ceremony can be continued. With the wind, however, the musicians are left to their own creativity to fight it, often losing the battle.  

This year our wedding musicians already had a couple of outdoor wedding ceremonies where it was almost impossible to keep playing!  Don’t get us wrong – we come prepared for outdoor performances: warmer clothes if needed, many “see-through” wind clips, and outdoor instruments. In one recent case, musicians were powerless. The gusty winds were so strong, they blew two music stands away, about fifty feet away from where the musicians were playing the processional for the bridal party. Notice: the musicians’ music stands for outdoor event are very sturdy, designed for uneven and unstable surfaces, and yet – the wind won!  During this wedding ceremony’s “wind battle”, a few wedding guests stood up and held the musicians’ stands down after the initial blast took them away.  

Just like our daily lives are unpredictable, so are the musicians’ jobs, so we learn to “expect the unexpected”, go with the flow (or the wind) and deal with these situations in the most professional manner, with some humor mixed in…