Embassy Suites

Category: Venue Reviews

Once again, police forces and classical musicians come together.  Our Pittsburgh string quartet performed at the Embassy Suites of Pittsburgh for the Allegheny County Police 80th Anniversary Banquet.  It was a big event with many active and retired police officers in attendance, as well as some political figures of our state.  

Unlike for weddings, string quartet musicians for this gala put together a music program that somewhat strayed away from classical music, leaning towards a different genre – oldies and pop style music.  The musicians played selections from Beatles, Volare, In a Sentimental Mood, On Top of the World..

As far as the place itself – a hidden paradise in Pittsburgh! Who would have thought of having a fish pond in the lobby of a hotel and surround it with a picturesque jungle, adding quite a bit of magic to the place?!  The staff working with the musicians and the police was amazing, accommodating any need, however small it was. What a fantastic place and a crew of workers!