Hiring a soloist verses several musicians

 Probably the most common combinations of players that we are hired for are duos and trios, with string quartets being reserved for very large weddings with many people in attendance where three wedding musicians just won’t be enough to be heard.

Clients who have decided to hire two wedding musicians will often consider to get only one violin player even after their decision has been made about hiring a duo.  The obvious question here “ Is one musician better than two?”.  Money wise – yes. It is cheaper since you are paying for only one.  Sound wise – it is up to your taste. However, if anyone has a budget to hire two musicians – we strongly recommend to do so. Imagine a soloist singing with a chorus backing him up throughout a song, verses a soloist singing the same song without “ a back up”.  In this case the soloist can only sing the melody line – not the “decorative”, additional lines which in music terminology are called alto- tenor – bass.  As I mentioned in other posts, many wedding music pieces simply don’t sound complete when performed by one musician.  The “richness” of the sound is not present with just a violin, viola, or a cello.  With an addition of even one instrument – the sound picture changes completely.  That is, our opinion based on many years of experience and playing the same wedding music with different combinations of string instruments.  Another good judgment of that opinion is public.  We are yet to play at an event as a group where people don’t come up to us with some sort of a praise and compliments for performances.  However, there were a couple of weddings where a bride decided to hire a solo violin player and the reaction from her guests was not what we expected – the violinist was barely heard and noticed.  It was one of our musicians with over thirty years of performing throughout the country, and even he didn’t like the set up.  It was even harder due to the music selections that the bride asked for her wedding.  The famous Canon in D simply does not work with one instrument! All of the above are the reasons why we try to promote at the minimum two musicians so that your event, especially a wedding has a comfortable and a pleasant music setting which leaves both, our client and his/her guests with good memories after hearing our performance.