In memory of the fallen officers

Category: Music and Life
Today is April 4th, 2010. Last year on that date three Pittsburgh Police officers were violently shot and killed: Kelly, Sciullo and Mayhle.  Several days later, on April 9th, the caskets were laid out for public at the City-County Building.  With the help of my husband, who also is a police officer, I have asked several musicians to come and play that day.  In view of what had happened, it might not have been much – but it was better that doing nothing.  Thank you to all of those violinists, violists and cellists who took the time to come and play that day, changing their schedules last minute. One of the violin players that I have known for years, planned on staying for an hour or so -she ended up staying the whole day. Once again, thank you to all of you – it meant a lot to people, and to myself, as a wife of a police officer.