Wedding ceremony time change

This is an example of a situation that  happens rarely. In fact, this was the first time it occurred with our wedding musicians. 

A client booked musicians (a string trio)  from 5pm to 6pm for a wedding ceremony.  Two days prior to the wedding ceremony, while discussing last minute music details with the client, he realized that he needed the musicians to start playing at 4:30 for the prelude music as guests are being seated.  In the section of our contract related to booking times it states “total time the musicians are on site”. The mistake was on client’s part which he readily admitted. 

After contracting the musicians that were booked for this wedding, it turned out that a cellist could not come earlier due to the previous playing engagement that was scheduled to finish at 4pm.  Based on the original booking time, an hour would have been enough time for her to get from the previous job to this one, with the start of 5pm.  However, with the start of 4:30 it was not feasible due to traveling distance between the two playing engagements.  

A different cellist was hired to play for this wedding ceremony that now has a start time of 4:30. The client had to pay for two cellist: the originally booked musician and a newly hired one.  Why?  The originally booked cellist had set the time aside for this job, arranging her schedule and possibly not taking another performance. She deserved to be paid for the time. 

The moral of the story? Review the contract for musicians carefully, calculating the time not only for the wedding ceremony itself but for the prelude music as well. Also, do not hesitate to call and ask for an advice for booking times.  Our musicians have done their jobs for many years and will provide you with a solid advice on times for your event.  

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