Private Consultations

During the recent years several of our clients (especially brides) have requested private meetings to give them a better idea of how our musicians will fit into their event.  These requests have prompted us to set up detailed private consultations.  From our experience as professional musicians, wedding clients would be the ones to benefit the most from these meetings.

For a nominal fee of $25.00 one of our musicians will meet with you for up to one hour at a selected location.  

We will discuss the issues pertaining to the music portion of your event, answer your questions, show you our portfolio and musicians’ resumes.  We will provide music-related suggestions to custom fit your event  that might be helpful in making your decision on hiring musicians.

  If you have already booked a group with us, and still would like to have a consultation – the fee is $15.00 for up to one hour.  

To help you decide whether or not such a consultation is beneficial for you, below is a list of questions/issues that are commonly discussed between our musicians and clients.

– number of musicians to be hired based on the event type ( wedding, cocktail hour, dinner, etc.) budget, number of guests, etc.

– the best choice of instruments for your event

– music program selections

– combining our musicians with other performers such as organists, singers, etc.

– for weddings: going over any details for wedding ceremony music

Consultation fees:

– $25.00 for up to one hour

– if you book a group after the consultation – $25.00 will apply towards the total finial payment for the musicians.

 – $15.00 for clients who have booked musicians with us without a prior consultation, and wish to have one after the booking

We will be happy to to clarify any issue to give you a complete understanding of our services to guide you in selecting the best group and musicians for your event.