The prices for our groups will vary depending on many factors, such as choosing a string quartet, a trio or a duo, adding a
flute player and more.

If your event is outside of Pittsburgh, in addition to number of musicians and the duration of playing,
we will have to take travel time in consideration. A minimum booking fee of $10.00 per group will apply.

Please contact us to give you an estimate for your occasion, so we can put together a chamber music group that will fit your
musical taste as well as your budget.

Name –

E-Mail –

Phone –

Please select a type of event you are planning:
Wedding Ceremony Wedding reception Cocktail hour
Corporate Event School program Funeral
Please select a possible group combination for your event:
String duo String trio String quartet

Please provide the following: (all information is strictly confidential)

Date of your event

Exact Location/Address of the Event

Expected number of guests

Time of the event

Duration of the event

Duration of playing for the musicians

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