Post Contract Details


This checklist will help you to make sure that everything has been completed for the musical portion of your event.

  • If your event is a wedding, did you decide on the music that you wish us to play during the ceremony? If not yet, please look under the repertoire page

  • If in addition to our group, you have other musicians that will be playing with us during your ceremony, please allow us more time to coordinate the music.

  • Directions for the musicians to the location(s) of your event(s), as well as a phone number where you can be reached on that day.

  • Provide musicians with arm less chairs at the site of your event.

  • If your event is outdoors, please make sure that musicians have an overhead protection, such as gazebo or a tent. We will not continue playing without such protection if weather becomes inclement.

  • Please make sure that we receive your final payment BEFORE we start playing on the day of the contract, so that we do not have to inconvenience anyone at your event asking for payment.

  • For the weddings, we would need to talk to the wedding coordinator and/or wedding ceremony officiator PRIOR to the beginning of the prelude music. Please make sure that someone is at the site ten minutes before we start the prelude music.

  • Provide free parking to all of the musicians. If such is not possible, please keep in mind that we will ask you to reimburse parking fees as stated in the contract.