Our goal is not only to deliver the best possible experience with the top Pittsburgh musicians, but also to leave you worry-free about the music portion of your event. The following points will give you an understanding of how our professional musicans handle weddings and other events. 

One: Our violin, viola and cello players are all professional Pittsburgh musicians with various degrees in classical and other genres of music, and with many years of performing experience. We have been playing our respective string instruments since ages five and six, and started performing professionally in our teens. We also have been working with each other for many years and know how we fit together as a group style wise,  unlike agencies that may hire different musicians who sometimes have never met each other prior to a given performance engagement. 

Two: Once we quote you a price – it is set. It is a final price without any hidden fees that you will find later in the contract. We do not believe in fine print! Booking and traveling fees are already included.

Three: We will communicate via phone or e-mail to help our clients choose their wedding music or music for other events as needed.  In selecting wedding music we will advise you on what pieces will fit the best for your wedding ceremony and circumstances.   

Four: If needed, we collaborate with singers and other musicians at the event. We will go over music with them, especially wedding music. Many agencies will charge extra fees for that – we do not. Also, we always show up at least twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony, so the musicians have a chance to speak to the ceremony officiator, making sure we are on the same page with regards to the music portion of the ceremony. Things could and do change last minute, which is why we come early to make sure that everyone knows the order of the event or a wedding ceremony.

 Here is a brief summary of what our musicians will do for you during your wedding or other event

  • use our experience to select the best music/wedding music and musicians for your event
  • play without lengthy breaks
  • arrive early to set up and double check on details
  • work with a client’s other musicians if needed
  • communicate with you by phone or e-mail as needed
  • organize the music once the selections are made
  • arrange specific music if needed (fees may apply)
  • communicate with event staff as needed


We will meet with you to discuss in details the music for your event. For details please refer to our “Private Consultations” page.  For wedding ceremonies, we will go over the order of the ceremony and  what musical selections will fit the program. We will also choose pieces for the prelude and postlude. For events other than wedding ceremonies, we will suggest our own music selections unless you have preferences, as well as answer any of your questions about musicians, possible group combinations and more.

If you have a specific piece of music in mind that you wish us to perform and it is not in our repertoire, we can arrange it for a string quartet or a trio. We will ask you to provide us with sheet music from which the arrangement could be made. Please allow at least four weeks for the arrangement. Fees will apply as agreed between parties. 
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Below are popular “non-classical” pieces you may listen to that have been requested by our clients and were arranged for a trio or a quartet.