For our wedding clients


The following information is for those who wish to book classical musicians for a wedding ceremony.
The music portion of an average wedding ceremony is broken down by musicians in three portions as follows:

Part 1 – Prelude music.

Wedding musicians will play between fifteen and thirty minutes of classical and wedding music before the start of the wedding ceremony as guests are arriving, to set a smooth transition to the ceremony itself. Please view wedding music selections on the Repertoire page and listen to some of our wedding music samples. We can also perform music of your choice if such is requested in addition to standard wedding music.

Part 2 – Wedding Ceremony music.

Prelude is followed by wedding musicians playing at certain points during the ceremony, such as seating of the parents/grandparents, processional of the bridal party, bride’s entrance, communion, unity candles lightning, recessional and others. Details of the ceremony music will be discussed in details and arranged once the contract is set. We will be able to give you suggestions on what pieces will work the best for your wedding, as well as perform music that you request. Once you have chosen a group for your wedding, you will receive a complete list of wedding music, as well as a wedding music selection worksheet. We work closely with you on figuring out the details for the ceremony music. You will be able to consult with us as much as needed to address any issues and to seek our music advice, especially if you have other musicians involved.

Part 3 – Postlude music.

Musicians will continue to play classical and other music for a requested time period following the wedding ceremony, especially if there is a receiving line, or until all guest have left. Once again, the music could either be musicians’ choices from the standard wedding and classical repertoire or requests made by you. As always, we will help you with choices for postlude as well.

Here are a few more points to keep in mind:

Our Pittsburgh musicians will  usually arrive twenty to twenty five  minutes before the start of the prelude music, and even earlier if the wedding is outside of Pittsburgh.  It gives us enough time to set up the instruments, stands, and such. More importantly, it gives us a chance to talk with either wedding coordinator or wedding officiate to make sure we are both on the same page regarding the music entrances and any needed cues. Working with these people is our job and you don’t have to worry about!

If we are asked to play along with a singer – the musicians will come early (for up to ten minutes) and run a piece through together, without having an actual rehearsal, or without charging you extra fees.  If a rehearsal longer than ten minutes with musicians is needed, the fees will be discussed on the individual basis.

Some clients have asked us if we need to attend the wedding rehearsal. The answer is “no”. We are very experienced in timing the music to the ceremony and its’ flow, as well as adjusting to any unexpected circumstances. Plus, it would cost you more to have us at the rehearsal when it is really not necessary.

We hope this makes your wedding preparations a little bit easier. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.