Custom Music Letters

Below are samples of custom made music letters, created by one of our musicians. Within each letter you will find music notation symbols used in western classical music; hidden in each card is a name of a person for whom the card was made.  There are two sizes to choose from : 8×10 and 5×7. Here is the breakdown for the prices:

If you have booked a group with our musicians:

  • 8×10  single letter     $ 25.00
  • 5×7 single letter        $ 15.00
  • 8×10 two letters        $ 20.00

If you have not booked a group with us and would like to purchase music letters:

  • 8×10  single letter     $ 30.00
  • 5×7 single letter        $ 20.00
  • 8×10 two letters        $ 25.00

A request for any color for the mat and background can be accommodated.

music letter T 8x10  music letter C 8x10

music letter A 5x7   music letter M 5x7

Letter G