Our Groups

 Our professional Pittsburgh violin players, violists and cellists will perform wedding, classical, sacred, and popular music at your event.
Depending on the setting of your occasion, such as a wedding ceremony, banquet, dinner or any other event, you may choose from two to four musicians, forming a duo, a trio, or a string quartet.
Below are some possible combinations of string instruments to form various groups. These may vary to suit your needs, especially if you are looking for wedding ceremony musicians.

String quartet musicians: Two violins, viola and a cello.
This combination gives you the most vibrant, open sound. String quartet is a best choice for large weddings, dinners and banquets, and also provides the most extensive repertoire of wedding music, as well as popular music, oldies, and jazz.

String trio musicians: Violin, viola and a cello, or two violins and cello.
This is probably our most common combination, especially for wedding ceremonies. Not quite a string quartet, since one violin is omitted, but the repertoire is almost as extensive as a quartet minus some popular music.  Most of the wedding music repertoire is identical to a string quartet.  It is also a great choice for smaller weddings with limited space.

String duo musicians: Violin/viola, viola/cello, two violins, violin/cello, two violas.
This is the softest sounding of all groups, perfect for either a very small wedding or gathering. It creates a very intimate atmosphere with its mellow, background sounds. Quite often played at funerals and wakes, occasionally at weddings.  However, keep in mind that wedding music repertoire is very limited for a duo, and some pieces might sound a bit “odd” due to the fact that they are being played by only two instruments. 

 Upon request, we also provide a flute player that, depending on the availability and on your budget may be added to some of the string groups above, or substituted for one of the string musicians (most often for wedding ceremonies, especially during the bridal processionals: a different instrument from the rest of the group makes a bride’s entrance stand out ever so more).

Although we are chamber (more than one) musicians, at times our musicians perform as single players upon request. For very intimate and small occasions our violin players perform as soloists. 

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with any questions. We will guide you and give you our unlimited free advice to ensure that you book the best group of musicians for your event.