Special Events

With extensive repertoire of classical, pop, oldies, sacred and holiday music Pittsburgh musicians are available to perform at any gathering, dinner, reception, banquet, graduation, or other events.

Our Pittsburgh violinists, violist and cellist in string duos, trios and quartets also perform during church services and holidays such as Christmas and Easter. If needed, music arrangements can be performed with a choir, keyboard or organ.

For wedding receptions, dinners, corporate parties and other events, you may use as little as two musicians to create a light sound of classical music for background effect.

If your event is a wedding, the same group of musicians might be able to perform at the ceremony and during the dinner, prior to DJ’s. The fee will be adjusted accordingly, taking into consideration performing time and any additional traveling distance if your event is outside of Pittsburgh.

For such events we work together with event staff, making sure that every details is being taken care of, including our seating, sound projection and more.

As always, we will give you our unlimited advice on selecting number of musicians and music, including your requests and dedications. If you have a specific song that you wish musicians to play, please let us know ahead of time so the piece can be arranged if necessary.

If you decide on having a group play for a wedding ceremony and for a reception, it does not have to be the same number of musicians.  For instance, you may choose to have a string quartet for a wedding ceremony, and a string trio for a reception. 


This checklist will help you to make sure that everything has been completed for the musical portion of your wedding or other event.

• For weddings: did you decide on the wedding music that musicians are to play during the ceremony? 

• If in addition to our group, you have other musicians that will be playing with us during your ceremony, please allow us more time to coordinate the music.

• Directions for the musicians to the location(s) of your event(s), as well as a phone number where you or an event coordinator can be reached on that day.

• Provide musicians with arm less chairs at the site of your event.

• If your event is outdoors, please make sure that musicians have an overhead protection, such as gazebo or a tent. The musicians can not continue playing without such protection if weather becomes inclement.

• Please make sure that we receive your final payment BEFORE we start playing on the day of the contract, so that we do not have to inconvenience anyone at your event asking for payment.

• For the weddings, we would need to talk to the wedding coordinator and/or wedding ceremony officiator PRIOR to the beginning of the prelude music.  Please make sure that someone is at the site ten minutes before we start the prelude music.

• Provide free parking to all of the musicians. If such is not possible, please keep in mind that we will ask you to reimburse parking fees as stated in the contract.